Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Animal Welfare & Animal Rescue - The three tier system

Animal Welfare the three tier system
By understanding these three tiers/levels of the above you can be more proactive and supportive when you yourself are trying to make a difference to animals lives, whether its through donations or being part of it, getting to grips with who is who within the animal welfare world your contribution can be more affective.

When it comes to animal welfare and animal rescue, it may surprise you to learn that though the larger organisations may appear to be the ones out there doing all the rescuing and campaigning, if we were to compare the numbers like for like, it is actually the smaller, unknown groups on the ground that in terms of numbers is really having an impact on animal welfare and rescues on a day to day basis. Also lets not forget the individuals out there who on their own are helping animals in every day.
Don't get us wrong, both the larger organisations and the smaller groups have their place within making a difference to animals across the globe, all three tiers focus is the same, but the way they go about it is totally different.
The first tier - The larger more well known organisations tend to focus on the bigger picture, rather than focusing on one subject, one animal, one case. These larger organisations work towards changing laws, saving an entire species and so on. These are the organisations who quite rightly, bring about changes by raising public awareness through heavy duty TV campaigns etc.
The second tier - The smaller groups on the ground, they do not have such public backing, these tend to focus on specific areas of need, like rescuing street dogs in Romania, one dog at a time.
The third tier - Individuals, these are every day people who have stumbled across an animal in need and either tend to the animal themselves or will turn to one of the other two tiers for help.
How you can make a difference
There are numerous ways as an individual you can make a difference, it is not all about the money you can give.
  • The animals that are rescued need secure and loving foster and full time families.
  • The larger and smaller organisations need group members to help with sending emails, writing letters, signing and sharing petitions
  • Protests and Demonstrations, if you care about a cause, then get physically involved. Attend a groups protest and demonstration, stand with them when they are protesting against a government or large corporation.
  • Donations, as we have said it is not all about the money, but it cannot be argued in this day age everything from paper to tins of dog food cost money. So if you are able to donate no matter how small, please do.

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