Thursday, 19 May 2011

ROMNAZIA - Formerly known as Romania

The Nazi flag is deemed by the majority of us in modern western society as a symbol of the purest evil. A race of humans that systematically massacred thousands upon thousands of people, whether by simple war tactics or by manipulating German society into believing that specific groups within their country, needed to be killed, to be eradicated. So begun the Ethnic Cleansing and what we all know to be the Genocide of the Jews and other cultures that the Nazis deemed to be unclean!

One of the many horrific manipulation techniques the Nazis used to not only control German society but to allow the ethnic cleansing to be fully successful was encouraging fellow Germans to inform on their neighbours. At that time there were many good German people in the country,but they were terrified. If they did not inform on their neighbours they risked persecution and death themselves. If they did not do their duty to the Nazis, they risked social exclusion and to be labeld as a traitor. We all know what happened to traitors of the Nazi party!

You may wonder how the author of this article is linking the Nazi Party with Romania. It is very simple,right underneath our noses, there is a government that is introducing Ethnic Species Cleansing, right now, if you are of what the Romanian Government deem to be an unclean species, in this case a Dog or a Horse, you will be killed. You will be hunted down,beaten, taken to an area, stored, and then killed. Sounds familiar?

To ensure that all dogs for instance are slaughtered, for instance a family pet, with the new law that is being proposed , even those who look after their pets,they will not be allowed to keep them unless their neighbour either side of them agrees to this. If someone knows that another owns a dog and they have not got the neighbours permission, they are encouraged to inform on that animal lover, and the animal will then forcibly be removed,beaten,taken to a camp/shelter and by the hundreds at one sitting, will be tortured and killed. Again sounds familiar?

The Romanian Government infrastructure, if you were to look at the government in its whole context,, you would not necessarily see any similarities between the Romanian Government and the Nazis. You have to remember that like most governments, it is divided into sub sections, into regions. Now this is where the similarity comes into play. It is common to find the mayor of a region, related to the minister of trade within that same region, within that same city hall. Within that region, various jobs are allocated to people,for example the big business of dog capture/killing. The head dog killer as it were will normally be a private company subcontracted by the mayor to capture/kill the stray dogs in that region. In the example of the province of Brasov, the head of the private company subcontracted to capture/kill the dogs is related to the Mayor of Brasov.

Dog Killing is one of the most profitable businesses in Romania today. For each dog that is caught and killed, the private company invoices the local city hall,the Mayor. The city hall will then pay that private company, the normally the mayors relation approx 100 Euros for each dog captured and killed from Government funds. It has been scientifically proven that capture and killing of stray dogs actually encourages more strays to the area , when a dog is killed, another will take its place within the pack,that area. This will be either a sexually active bitch or a sexually active male.  A sexually active bitch then year on year produces more litters of stray dogs. For each bitch for instance,she can produce a litter of 6 puppies per litter. If she gives birth to say 3 litters in any given year, the dog killers/private contractors, have got themselves a nice source of flesh....from 1 bitch that has taken the place of another dog that was killed, they have got themselves a nice tidy 1800 Euros. Compliment of their relative, the Mayor,paid for by the Romanian Government.

What we know with certainty that does work is the Capture,Neuter and Release programme. This has been proven in other parts of the world that have similar issues with the numbers of stray dogs as Romania. How the programme works is a dog is captured,taken to a neutering shelter and released back to the area it was caught. Because there is no void to fill, no other sexually active dogs will enter that region. The dogs acting as a pack will protect its food source, in this case, the city/town/area that they live. But, because the dog that has been returned has been neutered, the pack number does not increase. In-fact this programme being introduced has been proven to reduce the numbers of dogs in one region by 90%. Now why on earth would the Romanian regional mayors etc. not want this? It is very simple, because it does not pay their relatives wages. It would only cost the local government just 15 Euros to neuter a dog, if we compare this with the 100 Euros their relatives would receive to kill a dog, you then can get a very clear understanding of why Dog Killing is Big business in Romania. This is out and out corruption,and more importantly, out and out cruelty! Again, sounds familiar?

Each local authority region ( made up of close knit relatives and friends) has now pressurised the higher government to bring a law in to allow all strays to be killed,for pets who have not been given permission by their families neighbours to be killed. This is not about controlling the dog population, this is all about the Money. What is terrifying, is that the higher government within Romanian, looks like it is going to allow it.

The horses in Romania now are going through the same process, for each horse killed, the horse capturers/killers get paid for each animal they have captured and destroyed. A horse the same as a dog can be neutered, but yet again...this would not be profitable.

On an ending note, I would like to remind the people of the world, the citizens of Europe that there was once a small party called the Nazis. At first, they were no threat, just a small political party with an infrastructure just as the Romanian Government above. We ignored it, just let it grow, wasn’t our problem, wasn’t our country...Because of our ignorance and allowing the Nazis regime to be implemented (the hallmark of what is happening in Romania) our decision to ignore them led to the most horrific time line in world history.

Are we really that stupid to do that again? Unfortunately, I believe we are!

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